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The mobility market has moved leaps and bounds in the past few years. Historically, users of such equipment have had very limited choice in styles and colours that they can pick for their wheelchair, powerchair or scooter. Often those colours were red, blue, or grey.

In recent times however, manufacturers are stepping out of their comfort zones, and offering more personalisation on their product range. For example, the latest generation of Quickie Helium is now available in a choice of 32 frame colours, 5 upholstery trip colours, 3 wheel spoke colours, 5 castor fork colours and 5 castor wheel colours; providing up to an amazing 12,000 different colour combinations!

However, a near unlimited choice of colour options wasn’t enough for the team at Motus. No, we wanted more ways for our clients to express themselves in creative and eye-catching ways.

After weeks of research and meetings, we found a local brand who provided “custom coating” solutions for the automotive industry. After meeting Adam, the owner of Vital Hydrographic, we realised quickly that the processes the company employs can easily be adapted for the mobility equipment we sell.

It’s been almost a year since we’ve been working with Vital Hydrographic. We’re now pleased to announce our official partnership with the brand as a key player in our Custom Design service.

Below are some examples of custom designs we’ve done for clients employing Vital’s Hydro Dipping process.

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