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Ki Mobility Little Wave Clik

Total adjustment with just a “clik”

Ki Mobility Little Wave Clik

Total adjustment with just a “clik”

Ki Mobility Little Wave Click Wheelchair

The Little Wave Clik’s proprietary system easily indexes and aligns as you make adjustments. It provides just enough guidance to achieve the very best results, every time.

Featuring a patent pending adjustment system this wheelchair provides easy growth options. A system so easy to adjust it promotes proper positioning and wheel access so your child gains the independence and mobility they want.

Seat height, width, depth, CG, caster wing position, seat upholstery and more come with adjustment available. With all the possibilities, meeting kids needs has never been so easy.

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Seat Width25 to 48cm
Seat Depth25 to 41cm
Back Height29 to 51cm
Camber0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8°
User Weight75kg Max
Product WeightFrom 4.9kg
Frame Colours19
Little Wave Click Adjustable Wheelchair

Easy adjustment with the Little Wave Click.

Includes the easy to adjust Index System to promote proper positioning and wheel access. The frame of the Clik features “dimples” which make adjustments faster and eliminates guess work.  We have precisely aligned the system so you won’t have to.

Little Wave Click Wheelchair Armrests

Swing away arms.

A unique design that incorporates the arm and backrest into one system, with independent angle adjustability. The Little Wave Click’s integrated design allows for easy growth because the whole system moves together. With independent angle adjustment you have full control over placement and angle position.

Little Wave Click Wheelchair Side View

Adjustable 5th wheel for neurodevelopment.

Being able to move yourself in space is an essential phase of neurodevelopment. The challenge is maintaining security and stability. The adjustable dynamic 5th wheel, ensures security and stability by allowing adjustment of both the range and the spring rate and encouraging the confidence to overcome obstacles and terrain.

Little Wave Click Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic stroller handle.

Whether it’s for mum, dad, sister, brother, friend or caregiver the adjustable height Ergo stroller handle is the ergonomic choice for all. The Little Wave Click is fully adjustable in height for the most comfortable access to a stroller handle you will experience.

Key Figures

Product Weight (kg)

Frame Colours

Max User Weight (kg)

Tubing Size (cm)

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In most cases we are able to help you secure wheelchair funding for part or all of your wheelchair. Our specialist team liaise with medical specialists, charities and manufacturers to make the whole funding process simple and successful.

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