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Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo

Impressive functionality, individually tailored.

Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo

Impressive functionality, individually tailored.

Quickie Jive M2

The Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo is designed to meet the unique requirements of users with complex seating and mobility needs.

Combined with an innovative control system, it features multiple discreet actuators capable of transforming the chair into a series of pre-set positions.

With the press of a button the Quicke Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo can automatically transform from one position to another. Plus the exact end position can be tailored to each user to match their range of movements.

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Seat Width40 to 56cm (in 2cm steps)
Seat Depth40 to 56cm (in 2cm steps)
Overall Width62cm
Overall Length107cm
Seat Height44.5 to 48 cm
Seat Depth40 to 56cm (in 2cm steps)
Backrest Height51cm to 61cm
Speed6kph, 10kph (optional), 13kph (optional); 4mph, 6mph, 8mph
Battery Size60Ah or 70Ah (see options)
Max RangeUp to 40km (24 miles)*
Seat Tilt0° to 50°; -5° to 45° (optional)
Back Recline85° to 175° (powered)
Max. Safe Slope10°
Max Kerb Climb10cm
ElectronicsR-net controller; lights & indicators
User WeightMaximum 160kg

*distance based on 70 Ah batteries & 6 kph motors, dependant on distance profile, user weight and electrical options

Unique bio-metric repositioning

The seating arrangement of the Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo is like no other on the market; all thanks to it’s market leading biometric repositioning system.

When you move from a full lying-down/recline position up to seated position, the seating system on the Sedeo Ergo will adapt through an arbitrary tilting position. This keeps the body positioned against the seating system at all times, reducing the risk of shear and sliding during de-recline.

The 175° power recline of the JIVE M² Sedeo Ergo backrest is supported by an 180 mm adaptive anti-shear function. Its patented unique mechanism allows the headrest, head and even chin control to stay in place during the full recline operation.

The power backrest feature of the Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo is capable of a 175 degree recline and is supported by an impressive 180mm adapting anti-shear function. The marketing leading patented anti-shear mechanism allows the headrest, head and even a chin-control to stay in place during the full recline operation.

Modern and stylish design

This beautiful and stylish chair looks brilliant from every angle. With a choice of interchangeable vibrant accent colours, premium quality tailored upholstery, and minimalistic design, the Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo will turn heads and will never fail to catch the eye.

The Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo is the product of countless hours of R&D, market research and user testing. With inspiration taken from the ever-popular Jive M series, the Sedeo Ergo provides the very best in powerchair handling and stability. With the capability of turning on it’s own axis, it’s a unique powerchair with an ultra-small, ultra-tight turning circle, making it excellent for indoor manoeuvrability.

Taking it outdoors? With the advanced SpiderTrac 2.0 Suspension, you can expect a smooth ride even on rough and uneven terrain. Furthermore, the SpiderTrac 2.0 removes the worry of forward pitching – even when you attempt to descend a 10cm curb. As added protection, the optional gyro tracking system can automatically detect and correct small deviations from your path – enabling a safer, less demanding drive each and every time.

Key Figures

Programmable positions

Colour options

Max Kerb Climb (cm)

Max User Weight (kg)

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