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Monzur’s Quickie Jive M Hybrid

Monzur suffers from cerebral palsy and has limited motor and vocal ability. His previous chair had broken down. So, with the assistance of our friends at the Mobility Trust, Monzur secure funding for a new powered wheelchair.


Like many of our clients, Monzur had a series of requirements and challenges which we had to factor in when deciding on the right powerchair.

  • Limited vocal/communication skills – Monzur is unable to talk and uses a digital vocaliser to communicate.
  • Mileage and range requirements – Monzur is an active member of his church and the community and spends a lot of time out of the house.
  • Limited motor skills – With his condition, Moznur has limited control of his hands and feed.


After careful consideration, our specialist team decided that the Quickie Jive M Hybrid was the best solution for Monzur.

Adaptations were made to the base of the chair to accommodate a stand for Monzur’s vocaliser and adjustments were made to its controller to factor in Monzur’s limited hand/motor ability. We also added a mobile phone holder and USB charging ports so he could keep his phone on him and charged at all times.

The mileage and range requirements were met with the model of chair we chose and the batteries we paired with it. Full training and instruction were given during handover to ensure the batteries were maintained well resulting in a longer lifetime.

Our team enjoyed working with Moznur so we decided to treat him to a custom paint job on the chassis of the chair to match his personality and sense of humour. The results turned out better than we expected and set standards high for the custom powerchair market.

Quickie Jive M Hybrid

Quickie Jive M2 Hybrid

Powerchair performance that rocks!

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