VAT Declaration (Tom)

If you’re disabled or have a long-term illness, you won’t be charged VAT on products designed or adapted for your own personal or domestic use.

Also, you won’t be charged VAT on:

  • The installation and any extra work needed as part of this.
  • Repairs or maintenance.
  • Spare parts or accessories.

To get the product VAT free your disability has to qualify. For VAT purposes, you’re disabled or have a long-term illness if:

  • You have a physical or mental impairment that affects your ability to carry out everyday activities, eg blindness.
  • You have a condition that’s treated as chronic sickness, like diabetes.
  • You’re terminally ill.

You don’t qualify if you’re elderly but able-bodied, or if you’re temporarily disabled.


I declare that I have the following disability or chronic sickness:

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