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Wheelchair cushions for pressure relief

Our range of wheelchair cushions are designed for pressure relief and to reduce the risk of pressure sores and ulcers for long-term wheelchair users.

Motus supply a wide range of wheelchair cushions designed for pressure relief as well as elevating from the potential development of sores and ulcers.

For long-term wheelchair users, poor posture and support is the main cause of pressure sores and ulcers. Proper pressure management when it comes to wheelchair cushions takes physics into consideration to develop an effective defence against such issues. This is achieved by “pressure redistribution”; reducing peak pressure by spreading the user’s weight over a wider area.

Jay 3 Wheelchair Cushion

Jay 3 Cushion

Designed for clients with complex needs.

Jay 2 Wheelchair Cushion

Jay 2 Cushion

Stability and positioning with skin integrity protection.

Jay Balance Cushion

Jay Balance Cushion

The perfect balance between skin protection and stability.

The main cause of pressure sores and ulcers

When you’re seated on a flat surface with little or no cushion, much of your bodyweight rests on the bone on the underside of your pelvis, leading to potential issues such as ulcers and pressure sores.

To reduce this targeted pressure on your pelvis, it’s often a good ideal to shift and redistribute this load across the whole of your underside surface, such as your buttocks and thighs. Under certain circumstances your back may be able assist in taking some of the load whilst your sitting.

Every cushion, back and headrest comes with a free home assessment, which allows our specialists to make sure the user is getting the right solution to meet their needs. If you would like to book a free home assessment, please fill in our contact form and a seating specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.

There are a series of self-help pressure relieving techniques you can use on a regular basis. Click here for more information.

Wheelchair cushions for pressure relief