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Triride Triride Tribike

Fun and high performance cycling.

Triride Tribike

Fun and high performance cycling.

Triride Tribike Handcycle

The Triride Base power assist trike for manual wheelchairs is fun and versatile. Balancing speed, agility and resilience it helps you take on uneven ground, steep climbs and longer distances. The Triride Base will help you adventure to places that are often out of reach.

Weighing 8.4kg the Triride Base is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The 540w battery life makes it possible to travel up to 50km per charge. The helpful LCD Screen clearly displays your speed, distance and battery life.

Like all of the Triride range it features 5 speed settings, reverse and cruise control so you have total flexibility no matter what adventure you choose. 

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Wheel Size 20″
Weight 9kg
Gears 8 Speed Hub
Brakes Disc and rim v brakes
Frame Stainless Steel & aluminium
Pedals Adjustable race pedals


Improve your fitness and quench your sense of adventure.


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If you’re interested in the Triride Tribike Handbike then please use our form to get in touch. One of our specialists will be in touch to arrange a consultation. 


Where do we cover?

Motus Medical is a national company, meaning we cover all parts of the UK. Our territory is split into North, Mid and South areas, each with a dedicated wheelchair and seating specialist.


Who do we sell to?

Motus Medical are proud to work with all types of clients – including private clients, the NHS, occupational therapist groups, charities and disability funds.

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