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All Terrain Wheelchairs 

Because the world’s not flat

Choosing the right all terrain wheelchair.

Choosing the right all terrain wheelchair can be a difficult task, especially with the many brands, varieties, and configurations of product available on the market. Motus Medical specialise in helping you choose the right all terrain powered wheelchair to suit your unique needs and requirements.

We will assess your seating, home and lifestyle requirements before providing impartial advice.

Motus Medical & Magic Mobility Extreme X8 All Terrain Powered wheelchair
Magic Mobility Logo

Partnering with Sunrise Medical & Magic Mobility.

Motus Medical have carefully selected relationships with the leading names in All Terrain wheelchair manufacturing including Sunrise Medical & Magic Mobility

Innovation & Thinking

Magic Mobility is a leading Australian power wheelchair designer, developer and manufacturer. They focus  on creating wheelchairs tailored to individual needs, pushing the boundaries of what electric wheelchairs can achieve and above all provide users with choice.

Our all terrain wheelchairs help bring more aspirational goals within reach because they take you where you need to go and help you stay comfortable for longer.

The modular design enables easy adaption with seating and accessories as your goals and needs change. This makes a Magic Mobility power wheelchair cost less to own and operate over its lifetime.

Camo Magic Mobility Extreme X8 All Terrain wheelchair from Motus Medical

Scroll down for advice on choosing the right wheel base for you.

Choosing the right wheelbase configuration.

To make the right decision, you need to consider your lifestyle, condition, environmental and clinical arrangements, in addition to factoring in each type of wheelbase’s positives and negatives. For detailed advice on wheelbase configuration arrange a consultation with a specialist.


4-Wheel Drive Extreme X8

Unrivalled off-road performance and reliability make 4WD perfect for outdoor wheelchairs adventurers, explorers and rural workers.  If the great outdoors is where you want to be 4 Wheel drive is the base to take you there.


All Terrain Mid Wheel Drive Frontier V6

The Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All-Terrain mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair provides tremendous off-road and kerb climbing capability. The low pressure tyres provide a smoother ride and give the wheelchair increased climbing ability. This powered wheelchair will impress those who prefer the track to the tarmac!


Compact Mid Wheel Drive Magic 360

Compact enough to get around your home, and full of all-terrain technology to take you where you want to go.

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