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Manual Wheelchair Wheels

Loopwheels Logo

Loopwheels is an innovative British brand which we are very excited to partner with. From their home in Nottinghamshire they design and manufacture an ingenius range of manual wheelchair wheels.

Created to reduce vibration, improve suspension and achieve greater levels of comfort, Loopwheels are rapidly gaining a cult following.

Why choose Motus Medical for your Loopwheels?

Our trained specialists can help you understand if Loopwheels are the right wheels for you, your wheelchair and your lifestyle. They will also fit them to your wheelchair and give you guidance on how to get the most out of them. Your local specialist will help with long-term maintenance of your wheels too. 


Why choose Motus Medical for your Loopwheels?

Our specialists in manual wheelchairs and wheels can ensure your Loopwheels integrate with your wheelchair properly. Not only do we offer guidance and advice we will also will fit your wheels to your wheelchair. 

Longer term our specialists will also be available for any maintenance your wheels may require.

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