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InvacareAlber Twion Wheels

Energise your wheelchair.

Alber Twion Wheels

Energise your wheelchair.

Alber Twion Wheels

Alber Twion wheels feature state of the art electric motors equipped with the most modern software and electronics. This helps to provide enough extra power with each push on the rim to comfortably overcome longer stretches and to easily surmount slopes.

The driving sensor, positioned on the push rim, continuously and precisely determines the correct amount of assistance. Giving you the option to use manual or power assist to suit your lifestyle. 

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Batteries Lithium
Speed 6 or 10 km/hour
Weight 6kg per wheel
Range 12 to km per charge
Max User Weight 120kg per pair

Twion wheels are suitable for virtually all common active wheelchairs so you can continue to use your current wheelchair. This is made possible by a small, lightweight bracket that is fixed on the wheelchair frame.


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If you’re interested in Alber Twion Wheels with power assist then please use our form to get in touch. One of our specialists will be in touch to arrange a consultation. 


Where do we cover?

Motus Medical is a national company, meaning we cover all parts of the UK. Our territory is split into North, Mid and South areas, each with a dedicated wheelchair and seating specialist.


Who do we sell to?

Motus Medical are proud to work with all types of clients – including private clients, the NHS, occupational therapist groups, charities and disability funds.

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