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Quickie WheelchairsQuickie Salsa M2 Mini

Mid-wheel powered wheelchair.

Quickie Salsa M2 Mini

Mid-wheel powered wheelchair.

Quickie Salsa M2 Mini

No more compromising on indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance thanks to the new Quickie Salsa M2 Mini. Introducing the world’s narrowest mid-wheel drive performance powerchair with a chassis width of only 52cm.

Unlike other indoor powerchairs you don’t have to compromise on outdoor performance, the Salsa M2 Mini uses exactly the same drive base as the Salsa M2, just narrower – so all of the great features you get on a bigger outdoor powerchair are packed into the world’s narrowest mid-wheel drive powerchair.

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Seat Width 41cm to 51cm
Seat Depth 41cm to 51cm
Overall Width 52cm
Max Speed 2mph or 4mph (see options)
Battery Size 36Ah
Turning Radius 55cm (with centre mount)
Kerb Climb 7cm Max
User Weight 140kg Max
Colours Black, Blue, Red and White

A seat that’s fit for you!

From kids to adults, the Quickie Salsa M2 Mini seating system will fit a variety of sizes and is packed-full of adjustment – so if your needs change in the future, your seat can too.


More miles per charge.

Get the most from your 36Ah batteries by choosing the ultra-efficient 4mph speed option, with a maximum range of up to 14 miles (23km).


A smooth ride over any terrain.

The Quickie Salsa M2 Mini patented all-wheel suspension ensures a smooth and stable ride over the roughest of terrain. Every wheel is independently suspended, so any bump in your journey is absorbed by your wheelchair – and not you.


A safe driving position.

Anti-Pitch Technology eliminates back or forth movement on slopes, so you’re kept stable with the minimum amount of movement. Your weight is also over the drive-wheel, so traction is maximised too!


Indoor manoeuvrability.

Turning on its own axis, the Quickie Salsa M2 Mini has an ultra-small turning circle of 110cm for excellent manoeuvrability in tight conditions. Intuitive to drive, it’s ideal if you have difficulty driving a powerchair or are using switches/head controls.

Key Figures

Overall Width (cm)

Max Speed (mph)

Max user weight (kg)

Colour options


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