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Quickie Wheelchair LogoQuickie Q500 M

Superb manoeuvrability, outstanding outdoor performance.

Quickie Q500 M

Superb manoeuvrability, outstanding outdoor performance.

Q500 M powered wheelchair

The new Quickie Q500 M balances superb indoor manoeuvrability with outstanding outdoor performance. 

This mid-wheel drive wheelchair enjoy a smooth and stable ride, even over rough terrain, with Quickie’s patented all-wheel suspension – six independently suspended wheels absorb all those bumps.

Quickie’s anti-pitch technology eliminates pitching on slopes. With all your weight located directly above the drive wheel to maximise traction you’ve never been in a safer driving position.

Personalise your Quickie Q500 M with a selection of 7 striking colours for an expressive, individual look. 

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 User Manual



Seat Width 38 to 56cm
Seat Depth 40 to 56cm
Overall Width 61 to 62cm
Overall Length 128cm
Seat Height 41.5 to 49cm
Seat Depth 40 to 56cm
Backrest Height 44 to 56cm
Speed 6kph / 8kph (standard), 10kph / 13kph (optional)
Battery Size 60Ah or 80Ah (see options)
Max. Safe Slope
Max Kerb Climb 10cm
Electronics VR2, R-net controller; lights & indicators
User Weight Maximum 160kg

Connect via your Q500 M wheelchair.

Seamlessly take control of your environment using the integrated Infra Red functionality. Control your TV, docking stations and other home entertainment systems easily via your joystick.


Bluetooth & IDrive.

Control your phone, computer, tablet and any other Bluetooth and i-devices with this useful optional extra. Connect and control up to four devices.


Quickie Patented Assignable Buttons.

Change the function on any button on your joystick to any command you desire, thanks to Quickies patented assignable buttons. You can also assign a second (long press) function to buttons, for quicker, simpler and smoother access to commonly used functions without having to use your joystick.

Key Figures

Turning Diameter (cm)

Colour options

Max Kerb Climb (cm)

Max User Weight (kg)


Test drive the Quickie Q500M.

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