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OttobockOttobock Juvo B4

Compact and robust rearwheel drive.

Ottobock Juvo B4

Compact and robust rearwheel drive.

Ottobock Juvo B4 Powered Wheelchair

The Juvo B4 with rear-wheel drive offers enhanced safety and comfortable damping characteristics for outdoor use. It is also compact and manoeuvrable indoors. Permanent drive wheel suspension compensates for uneven surfaces and the wheelchair’s small outside dimension makes it easier to drive through narrow doorways and navigate in confined spaces.

Like all models in the Juvo product line, the B4 features a modular design and offers a high level of flexibility. The available options and features for the mobility base, seating unit and control device result in a modern and customised fitting. High-quality components such as the variably adjustable seat (VAS) or the TEN° control device can also be selected.

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Seat Width 34cm to 56cm
Seat Depth 34cm to 58cm
Overall Width 58.5 to 59.5cm
Max Speed 6/7.2/10 km/h
Battery Size 53Ah / 62Ah / 63Ah / 74Ah
Max Range 35km – 45km
Turning radius 800mm
Kerb Climb 50, 85 or 90mm
User Weight 160kg
Colours White, Black, Sparkle Orange, Candy Red, Sparkle Granny Smith (green) / Marine Blue


Ottobock Juvo B4 Anti-tip rollers

Anti-tipper rollers.

Integrated anti-tipper rollers ensure enhanced safety and protect against damage when driving backward.

Drive wheel suspension.

The Ottobock Juvo B4 features permanent drive wheel suspension which compensates for uneven surfaces and ensures enhanced safety. This can be further optimised with an additional front suspension.

Juvo B4 Drive Wheel Suspension
Juvo B4 Kerb Climbing Assist

Kerb climbing assist.

This option also makes it possible to cross higher obstacles such as kerbs. The kerb climbing assist is mounted at the front in the centre, and is ready to use at any time while driving. When getting in and out, the lever can be engaged at the rear to provide more space for the transfer.

Power seat functions.

A seat tilt function up to 45° ensures the best possible pressure redistribution and position changes at any time. Back support angle adjustment can play an important role in breathing and care. A 35 cm seat height lift provides appropriate support to compensate for height differences during transfers or in other everyday situations, and for communication at eye level.

Juvo B4 Power Seat

Key Figures

Max Range (km)

Max Speed (kph)

Max user weight (kg)

Colour options


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