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Mid Wheel Powered Wheelchairs

Our mid wheel drive electric wheelchairs are extremely responsive and have the smallest possible turning radius for the best indoor accessibility. Their sophisticated suspension systems, wide range of seating systems, and numerous drive control options take your independence (both indoors and out) to the next level.

Invacare TDX SP2 Mid Wheel Drive Powerchair

Invacare TDX SP2

Boasting unrivalled durability and ultimate performance!

Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0 Mid Wheel Drive Powerchair

Quantum Q6 Edge 2.0

The latest evolution of Quantum Q6 power chairs.

Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo Mid Wheel Drive Powerchair

Quickie Q500 M

A smooth ride no matter the terrain.

Quickie 700 Mid Wheel Drive Powerchair

Quickie Q700 M

The evolution of mid-wheel drive performance.

Salsa M2 Mini Mid Wheel Drive Powerchair

Quickie Jive M2

Impressive Functionality.

Salsa M2 Mini Mid Wheel Drive Powerchair

Quickie Salsa M2 Mini

The Narrowest mid-wheel powerchair on the market!

Salsa M2 Mini Redline MId Wheel Drive Powerchair

Quickie Salsa M2 Mini Redline

Putting the quick in Quickie!


Interested in mid wheel drive powerchairs?

We can bring the wheelchair to you, allowing you to see exactly how the wheelchair works. Our specialists conduct a detailed and friendly assessment to understand your needs and wants. 


What do we offer?

We offer wheelchair and mobility support for private clients, NHS referrals, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Our product range includes manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, seating, hand-bikes, children’s wheelchairs and more. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

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