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Wheelchair Wheels

Upgrading the wheels on your wheelchair or powerchair can have a massive impact on it’s responsiveness. It can also dramatically increase the level of comfort you feel. 

Our selection of wheels can minimise vibration, improve manoeuvrability and increase control. Our specialists can help identify the perfect set of wheels for your wheelchair or powerchair and of course they’ll fit them safely and securely.

A second set of wheels can also be beneficial if you’re taking your wheelchair or powerchair over difficult or uneven ground. 

Or maybe you want to upgrade your wheels for purely aesthetic reasons? Whatever the reason, we have some exciting options!


Powered Wheels for Manual Wheelchair Users.

These are the ideal option for manual wheelchair users who are active but who want some added support. These kinds of wheels include electric motors to help propel the user forward. However they can be configured to require some manual propulsion, so the motors can take some of the strain while the user still moves under their own force.

Many of these wheels have powered or manual options built-in so switching between modes is easy. 

Spares and wheel replacement.

Looking for a like for like replacement of your existing wheels?

If you purchased your wheelchair or powerchair from us we can quickly and easily identify the wheels you need and arrange to fit them at a time and place to suit you.

If you didn’t purchase your wheelchair or powerchair from us we can still replace your wheels quickly and easily. We’ll just need to ask you few questions first. Use our form to get in touch.

These are a small selection of the wheels we have available. We work closely with all key wheelchair, powerchair and wheel manufacturers and can access their full range of spares and parts. 

If you can’t see what you’re looking for please get in touch. 

Quickie Manual Wheelchairs and Powered Wheelchairs
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Jay Wheelchair Cushions
Ki Mobility
Zippie Wheelchairs
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