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Quickie Wheelchairs

Quickie Q300 M Mini

The ultra-compact mid-wheel with big performance. 

Quickie Q300 M Mini

The ultra-compact mid-wheel with big performance.

Quickie Jive M2

Experience a true compact powerchair with truly sensational outdoor performance with the Q300 M Mini. Narrow enough to be nimble in a crowded city, and with the outdoor presence of a much larger powerchair, it’s streets ahead of the competition.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with patented all-wheel suspension that independently cushions every wheel.

Ride in comfort with the SEDEO LITE seating system. Combining an adjustable and configurable seating frame with the broadest choice of support and positioning options, the SEDEO LITE is designed to be individually tailored to your needs.

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Seat Width 38.5 to 51cm
Seat Depth 41 to 49cm
Overall Width 52cm (12″ Drive Wheels), 57cm (14″ Drive Wheels)
Overall Length 112cm
Seat Height 41 to 49 cm
Seat Depth 41 to 56cm
Backrest Height 46cm to 51cm
Speed 6kph, 8kph, 10kph
Battery Size 41Ah or 56Ah (see options)
Max Range 36 km
Max. Safe Slope
Max Kerb Climb 7cm ( 12″ Drive Wheels), 10cm (14″ Drive Wheels)
VR2, R-net controller; lights & indicators
User Weight Maximum 136kg

What is TRUE mid-wheel drive technology?

It‘s when the powerchair‘s drive wheels are aligned central to its length. If positioned more towards the front or rear, the turning circle is wider (and there‘s more of the powerchair swinging around). There‘s also less weight on the drive wheel, reducing traction. Whereas the Q300 M Mini provides the most-compact turning circle and increased traction and stability thanks to its TRUE mid-wheel drive design.

Power-up your Q300 M Mini with powered options:

Tilt in Space: Adjust your seat positioning throughout the day for pressure relief with 30 degrees of powered tilt.

Lift & Tilt: Providing safer transfers, the 300 mm seat lift also helps you to reach everyday objects that would otherwise be out of grasp. Bringing you eye-level with the world around you, combine lift with 30 degrees of tilt for pressure relief on a whole new level!

Powered Recline Back: Independently adjust your seat-to-back angle throughout the day to help relieve pressure and redistribute your weight.

Powered Elevating Legrests: Raise your legs whenever you need to in order to reduce swelling.

Key Figures

Maximum Range (km)

Colour options

Width (cm)

Max User Weight (kg)


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