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Front Wheel Powered Wheelchairs

Front wheel drive powerchairs are considered excellent choices for tackling difficult or rough terrain.

Front wheel drive powerchair base

Front wheel drive benefits.

Having a larger wheel at the front of the wheelchair helps with stability when tackling obstacles. 

Because a front-wheel-drive chair pulls from the front, it can easily pull itself over obstacles and softer terrain such as grass, gravel and soil.

In tight spaces, especially in the home, a front wheel drive powerchair uses the ideal turning circle because it turns directly away from the obstacle.

Quickie Q500 F front wheel drive wheelchair

Quickie Q500 F

Peak performance in every environment.

Quickie Q700 F front wheel drive wheelchair

Quickie Q700 F

The Ultimate Front-Wheel Drive Experience!

Quickie Q700-UP F front wheel drive wheelchair

Quickie Q700-UP F

Redefining standing wheelchair technology!

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Interested in Front Wheel Drive Powered Wheelchairs?

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Why choose Motus Medical?

We can bring a front wheel drive powerchair to an assessment, at a time and location that suits you. Our specialist will conduct a detailed assessment of your needs and lifestyle. You’ll then get the chance to try a demonstration model wheelchair and give us feedback on what works for you. 

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