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Wheelchair Cushions

Designed to stabilise the pelvis, protect the skin and position the body, our comprehensive range of wheelchair cushions are highly comfortable, lightweight and low maintenance. We provide solutions for a wide range of mobility seating requirements for both children and adults. Our wheelchair cushions can also be combined with optional positioning pieces (such as lateral thigh supports) to provide customisable positioning. With so many options available, you’re sure to find a wheelchair cushion that suits your individual needs.

This is just a sample of the cushions we have available. For detailed advice please use our contact form beneath.

ROHO Single Comparment Cushion

Permobil ROHO Single Compartment Cushion

Ideal for skin or soft tissue challenges.

Jay Balance Wheelchair Cushion

Jay Balance Cushion

The perfect balance between skin protection and stability.

Jay 3 Wheelchair Cushion

Jay 3 Cushion

Designed for the client with complex needs.

Jay 2 Wheelchair Cushions

Jay 2 Cushion

Stability and positioning with skin integrity protection.


The main cause of pressure sores and ulcers

When you’re seated on a flat surface with little or no cushion, much of your bodyweight rests on the bone on the underside of your pelvis. This can lead to ulcers and pressure sores.

To reduce this targeted pressure, it’s often ideal to shift and redistribute this load across the whole of your underside surface, such as your buttocks and thighs. 

Every cushion, back and headrest comes with a free home assessment, which allows our specialists to make you’re getting the right solution for you. Please use our contact form to request your assessment.



Looking for guidance and advice on wheelchair cushions?

We work with private clients, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and more to help provide wheelchair cushions that provide optimal comfort and support. Our specialists are always updating their knowledge with the latest innovations out there to ensure our clients get the best seating support they can.


Wheelchair seating assessments. 

We offer wheelchair seating assessments for private and NHS clients. During the assessment we take the time to understand your physical needs and your rehabilitation ambitions. We are usually able to bring a selection of cushion and seating options with us, so that where suitable you can try the products for yourself.

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