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Jay CushionsJay 3 Wheelchair Cushion

Designed for clients with complex needs.

Jay 3 Wheelchair Cushion

Designed for clients with complex needs.

Jay 3 Wheelchair Cushion

The Jay 3 modular seating system feature superior pressure redistribution, optimal postural stability, heat and moisture dissipation, and more importantly, its comfortable!


The Jay 3 is ideal for clients who are:

  • At risk of skin breakdown
  • Require greater lateral and forward/reward stability
  • Unable to reposition or perform an independent weight shift

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Cushion Model Jay J3
Cushion Width 30cm to 60cm
Cushion Depth 30cm to 60cm
Height Front 9.5cm /11cm (Standard/Deep)
Height Rear: 9.5cm /11cm (Standard/Deep)
User Weight 150kg/227kg (Standard/Deep)
Product Weight Max Fluid: 4.5kg/Air 2.8kg
Product Weight Min Fluid: 1.7kg/Air 1.1kg
Cushion Type: Firm foam base + JAY Flow fuid or AIR insert
Cover Type: Microclimatic or incontinence


Interested in the Jay 3 Wheelchair cushion?

If you’d like to know more about the Jay 3 or would like a home demonstration please use this contact form.


Why choose Motus Medical for Wheelchair Cushions and Seating?

We work with private clients, NHS referrals and occupational therapists and physiotherapists all over the country to provide expert cushion and seating advice. Our specialists will consult with you and any medical specialists you may be working with in order to fully understand your postural needs. 

Because we work with all the key manufacturers we have the independence needed to recommend the right option for you. And we’re always adding the latest innovations to our product range to ensure you have access to the best technology.

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