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Power assisted trikes & bikes.

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We did our research to bring you the very best power assist range on the market. Triride offer the widest selection of models combined with high performance safety features. From lightweight, to folding, manual & powered, there’s an option for your lifestyle.

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Triride products are all designed to make uneven ground, rocky paths, steep climbs and long distances much easier. Not to mention more enjoyable.

LCD display screens give you performance data as it happens, so you’ll always know your speed, distance and battery life. 

Triride Handlebars
Triride Wheelchair Trailer

Every model features a reverse option, making it easier to get out of difficult spots.

Innovative recharge technology actually charges the battery every time you brake. The adaptive cruise control option even charges the battery as you drive downhill, allowing you go to further per full battery charge.

A wide range of accessories is also available such as trailers and front baskets for bags and luggage, rear view mirrors and more.

Triride have developed their own safety and performance technology to make sure their products are completely reliable. Every model comes with electronic intelligent brakes to give you peace of mind. Adaptive Cruise Control is an optional extra on most models, giving you the ability to set your speed and stick to it with just the touch of a button. 

Triride Intelligent Braking System

Intelligent Braking System

Mechanical or motor powered braking.

Charges the battery when braking.

Reduces front wheel lock.

Reduces brake pad wear and replacement.

Triride Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Optional extra.

Maintain speed both up and down hill.

Deactivates with any user input.

Charges the battery when going down hill.

Power Assist Trikes from Triride.

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Triride Base Power Assist


The original power assist trike.

Triride MadMax Power Assist Trike


The ultimate Off-Road accessory.

Triride Special L14 Power Assist

Special L14

The ultimate Off-Road trike.

Triride Kids Power Assist

Power assist option for children.

Triride Special Compact Power Assist for wheelchairs
Special Compact

Small but mighty.

Triride Special Light Power Assist
Special Light

Lightweight power assist accessory.

Triride Folding Power Assist

Easy to transport & store.

Triride Special Power Assist
Special HP16

The largest wheel size in the range.

Triride T-Rocks Power Assist

Serious off-road adventure.

Hand-bikes from Triride

A great way to increase your stamina, strength and overall fitness. AND they’re fun! Our specialists will teach you how to attach the hand-bike to your wheelchair and make sure you’re comfortable with the controls. We also provide regular maintenance or repairs as needed.

Triride Tribike Handbike

Hand-cycling for fun and performance.

Triride Electric Powered Handbike
Tribike E

Hand-cycling and powered option combined.


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